Neil Armstrong's restored Apollo 11 spacesuit goes on display

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The spacesuit that Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong wore for that one small step on the moon is back on display in mint condition.

The 76-pound suit had been out of view and needed to be rehabbed before it was put on display Tuesday at the Air and Space Museum in Washington. On hand for the unveiling were Vice President Mike Pence, NASA chief Jim Bridenstine and Armstrong's son, Rick.

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A fundraising campaign took just five days to raise the $500,000 needed for the restoration.

Calling Armstrong a hero, Pence said "the American people express their gratitude by preserving this symbol of courage."

The Apollo 11 crew of Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins launched to the moon 50 years ago Tuesday. Armstrong died in 2012.

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