Near freezing temps trigger DC hypothermia alert for second consecutive night

The threat of subfreezing temperatures is why D.C. has activated its hypothermia alert for a second consecutive night.

The National Weather Service is now reporting that temperatures will be around 38 degrees Thursday night but will feel even colder because of the punishing wind chill. 

In some areas of the D.C. region, like in parts of Culpeper and Manassas, Virginia, temps could drop as low as 26 degrees.


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Officials recommend that you stay inside if you can because stepping out means putting yourself at risk of catching hypothermia and frostbite. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable. 

For those experiencing homelessness, activating the alert means additional access to Hypothermia Shelters that are set up in recreation centers and other city buildings.


To request a ride to one of these locations, you can call 311 or the shelter hotline at (202)-399-7093. 

The Humane Rescue Alliance is handling all animal emergencies related to the freezing weather, and they can be reached at (202) 723-5730.