Navy officer of 31 years gets car parade after retirement ceremony canceled due to COVID-19

Many people have had to get creative when it comes to celebrations during the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of graduations, weddings and other such gatherings have had to be canceled to abide by social distancing guidelines.

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One Texas man in particular got a sweet send-off from friends, colleagues and family to celebrate his retirement from the Navy.

Navy Command Master Chief Gregory Williams of Corpus Christi, got a special parade from his fellow service members to commemorate his retirement and many achievements while serving.

Video posted to Facebook by Ron Gunner Retzlaff of the celebration shows Williams emerging from his house, in full uniform, met by applause and music.

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Soon after, a string of cars and motorcycles can be seen driving by, donning balloons and honking to celebrate Williams and his impressive Navy career.

“After 31 years of honorable service to our Navy and this Great Nation, NAS Corpus Christi CMDCM Gregory Williams was cheated out of his retirement ceremony today due to the coronavirus pandemic,” Retzlaff said in a Facebook post.

“His wife Cynthia jumped into action and brought together the neighborhood, the Chiefs Mess and the CO/XO to do a make shift drive-by ceremony. He was humbled and thankful to know that we appreciate his many years of service and sacrifice,” Retzlaff wrote.

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