Navy corpsman back home from deployment surprises 5-year-old son at school

A Navy corpsman from Maryland pulled off a big surprise for his 5-year-old son after spending the past eight months at sea.

Matthew Foreman traveled to the Middle East and the Horn of Africa during his deployment. The proud father was thrilled to be back home and went to Rosemont Elementary School in Gaithersburg to finally be reunited with his son, Cameron.

"He really missed his dad," said Foreman's wife, Lauren. "They are very involved in all his sports - football, swimming and karate - and missing his dad being able to participate in that was definitely hard for him."

School officials told Cameron's kindergarten class they would have a guest reader on Thursday, but they didn't say who it would be. But when Foreman entered his son's classroom, young Cameron ran up to him with a big hug.

Foreman said his heart was racing when the special moment happened and he also lost a $5 wager in the process.

"Just super, super excited," he said. "No better feeling, no better feeling. I'm sure I'm going to hear from my wife. She bet me I was going to cry. I didn't think I was, but just super excited."

Watch the emotional surprise in the video above!