Nats' Joey Meneses signs ball for girl robbed of catch

The Washington Nationals made things up to a young fan who had her shot at a game ball snatched away by an adult.  

Avery Hilliard, a 10-year-old girl, was at Nationals Park when right fielder Joey Meneses threw a ball her way after warming up for an inning. 

Hilliard was about to make the catch with her glove on when an adult fan snatched it with his own before it could hit her leather. He walked away without paying mind to the girl who just wanted a souvenir.

Gina Hilliard, Avery’s mom, posted on Twitter about the experience and the Nationals quickly answered, asking for her information, so they can make it up to her.

Meneses, a fan-favorite with the Nats now, helped do just that.

The Nationals tweeted out to Avery Tuesday letting her know that they have something special for her!

Meneses signed a game ball and wrote her a personal letter saying, "I'm sorry you didn’t get the ball I threw to you. I wanted to make sure you got one, so I hope this signed game ball makes up for it!"