Muriel Bowser secures 2nd term as mayor of DC

Muriel Bowser has secured her second term as mayor of Washington, D.C.

With the win, Bowser will become the first two-term mayor in the District since 2002.

In Democrat-dominated city politics, the D.C. mayoral race was largely considered perfunctory, and Bowser won the nomination with 80 percent of the vote in June.

Bowser campaigned on her record of leading the District of Columbia through an economic turnaround and a development boom.

However, her administration has struggled in recent months to contain multiple scandals in the Washington public school system, including the revelation that chronic student absences were ignored or covered up in order to maintain high graduation rates.

Bowser, 45, a former member of the D.C. Council, defeated incumbent Mayor Vincent Gray in 2014.