Murdered DC lawyer used alias on Craigslist postings

There is new information in the murder of a D.C. lawyer found stabbed to death in February inside an upscale hotel. Postings on a news website that serves the gay community suggest David Messerschmitt had been using Craigslist to meet other men for years and he used an alias to protect his identity.

On February 28, over a month before D.C. police revealed it publicly in a court affidavit, a gay man posting on the website Queerty says he corresponded with Messerschmitt using the email address -- with the lawyer using the alias "Matt Smith."

In the court affidavit first made public Thursday, police said Messerschmitt had used the email address in order to connect with men responding to an ad he placed on Craigslist.

And according to comments placed on the website Queerty, it was not the first time the married lawyer had gone looking for other men.

A man who identified himself as BryGuy wrote: "I as well exchanged emails with David and ended up meeting up with him years ago. Did he use and go by Matt Smith? I ended up finally going to the police with what information i had on him. Hope you do too!"

A law enforcement source familiar with the investigation confirmed Messerschmitt was using the Matt Smith alias.

BryGuy says he went to the police.

He wrote on the website, "I was worried they would look into my email, etc but Detective Johnson was very friendly and appreciative of what information I provided."

D.C. police are also looking for information on the email address used by Jamyra Gallmon, the 21-year-old woman accused of killing Messerschmitt.

Police say she used and apparently posed as a man when she contacted the lawyer.

Investigators say they would like to speak with anyone who corresponded with chrissanchez0906.

In the court affidavit , police say Gallmon confessed to killing Messerschmitt and said it was a straight up robbery.

She took cash, and when Gallmon left the hotel, she says she threw Messerschmitt's cell phone in a trash can near the hotel.

She then took her bloody clothes, put them in a bag and threw them in a sewer near the Safeway store on Alabama Avenue in Southeast D.C.

D.C. police say they found the murder weapon in Gallmon's apartment on Good Hope Road in Southeast and connected her to the crime with cell phone and email records.

Her attorney said what happened in that hotel room was an "imperfect self defense."

Gallmon will be back in court next week.