Mother who gave birth in SUV near US Capitol shares her experience with FOX 5

1-day-old Quinn Williams just couldn’t wait anymore.

"We were coming down Constitution Avenue and the contractions were rapid-fire and one contraction came, I had an urge to push, and I saw, there was 15 minutes until we got to GW, and I said ‘Mom, we’re not going to make it,’" Christina Hanson told FOX 5.

Hanson labored for 30 hours when her first child was born. The plan was to labor at home for as long as possible then go to the hospital.

Hanson says labor started at 3 a.m., contractions intensified at 10, "kicked into gear" at 10:30, the decision to go to the hospital was made at 11, Hanson, her mother, and Quinn’s father decided to leave at 11:30, and Quinn was born at 11:54.

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"I see where we are and there are police stationed up here every day. I know we are very close, we have to pull over, we have to pull over now for help," Hanson said.

When they pulled over, Capitol Police officer Jacqueline Yaniga and Captain Carneysha Mendoza were there, helping Hanson, and dispatching medical units.

"Then I hear ‘EMS you’ve got to come faster’, and EMS pulled up shortly after and I couldn’t even get out of my truck. So they were dipping the chair back, asking me to prop my legs up, and I felt another urge to push, and said ‘oohhh, ok, it’s happening’ and they coached me the rest of the way through it," Hanson said.

Quinn’s father was following behind in another vehicle and cut the umbilical cord right on Constitution Avenue.

Thursday, during a Zoom call with Hanson, FOX 5 invited Cpt. Mendoza to pop on. Mendoza told FOX 5 she wanted to meet Quinn.

"There she is! Hi! Oh my goodness!" Hanson said on the call.

"Congratulations, you were awesome!" Mendoza said, "And my partner Jackie, she couldn’t be here at this moment, but she wanted you to know congratulations as well."

Mendoza volunteered to be an honorary godmother to Quinn, an offer Hanson said she’ll take her up on.