Mother said teacher knocked son's teeth out during school field trip

ST. LOUIS - A Missouri mom is furious after learning a teacher allegedly assaulted her son, apparently knocking out the sixth-grader's front teeth during a school field trip.

"My son went on a field trip to Little Creek when, apparently, one of the teachers got very physical with him grabbing him and slamming him to the ground and knocking his front two teeth out," claims Kesha Blanks, mother of the student.

Blanks says a call from Ferguson/Florissant School officials about her son Isaac sent her rushing to barnes children's hospital.

The Duchene Elementary 6th grader spent the day in the emergency room.

"The teacher was telling his friends that he was a retard, he takes medication, he can't read and things like that. My son got upset and told the teacher to shut up," Blanks said.

KTVI spoke to school officials who say they immediately put the teacher on paid administrative leave.

They also contacted Missouri Children and Family Services and, at this point, both parties are investigating.

"I want to see justice for my son and other students," Blanks said.