Mother of missing Md. kids not competent to stand trial

The Montgomery County mother whose two children disappeared last September is not competent to stand trial.

Catherine Hoggle is still dangerous and incompetent, but doctors believe she is restorable, according to a report mentioned in court Friday morning.

Hoggle's attorney said his client has a long way to go in her treatment.

"Her mental health condition is so profound, I think in terms of the doctors and at least what we've observed, I don't know that she knows a lot. There's sort of an assumption in this case that something could happen that all of a sudden the fog would be lifted and everything will be clear. I don't think that's a fair way to look at this case," said David Felsen, Hoggle's defense attorney.

Hoggle faces charges in the disappearance of two of her children, Jacob and Sarah. Police have said they believe the children are dead.

The children's father, Troy Turner, said he was not surprised by what happened in court.

"It's kind of what I expected. I expected her to not be found competent today, even though every time I've ever spoke to her she's been very lucid and sounded pretty much like she did before a lot of this stuff happened, Turner said. "I'm not really sure what competent is or isn't to stand trial. I guess maybe that's part of the frustration is that it doesn't really sound like an exact science, so I'm not sure where that line is."

The judge said if and when Hoggle is restored, she must report to court immediately. She is due back in court September 18.