Mother jailed for child neglect; made children take naked pictures of her for online sex ads

A woman, who authorities say made her young children take naked photographs of herself for online prostitution advertisements, was sentenced to one year in jail Thursday.

44-year-old Nataliya Davis was arrested and charged with child neglect in 2014 after police and child services in Loudoun County conducted an investigation lasting several months.

Investigators say Davis' two juvenile children, ages 8 and 9, lived with her as she worked as a prostitute out of her home in Sterling.

Authorities say the children were pictured in naked photographs of Davis found online that advertised sexual services. Detectives also say Davis' children were made to photograph their mother naked for some of the online advertisements.

At sentencing, the judge imposed an additional eight years of suspended time, five years of supervised probation, and ordered Davis to only have contact with her children as permitted by the state.

Davis, a native of Ukraine, may face deportation upon her release.