Montgomery County will consider bill requiring all employees get COVID-19 vaccine

The Montgomery County Council is set to consider a bill that would require all county employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine.


FOX 5's Melanie Alnwick say there are about 2,000 employees right now who either are unvaccinated or have refused to report their status.

Alnwick says the lowest vaccination rates have been reported in the following departments:

Fire & Rescue 62.8%

Corrections 62.8%

Alcohol & Beverage 71.9%

Police 78.8%

Alnwick says the bill states County employees who are given notice will have seven days to provide proof of vaccination. After that, they would be placed on unpaid leave and would have seven more days to show they have gotten at least one dose. The would have 40 days to get the second shot.

Failure to comply could mean losing their jobs.

Alnwick says three of the County's largest unions claim the County is overreaching its authority by mandating the vaccines. A public hearing is scheduled for October 19. If the bill passes, Alnwick says, it would take effect immediately.