Montgomery County introduces pedestrian safety legislation

A call to increase pedestrian safety in Montgomery County after they've seen two fatalities and 25 injuries involving people on foot and cyclists since the beginning of the year.

Lawmakers introduced legislation for the Safe Streets Act of 2023 Monday.

Montgomery County Council President Evan Glass said the bill is meant to prioritize pedestrians by enhancing walk times at crosswalks, prohibiting "right turn on red" at busy intersections in downtown areas, and requiring infrastructure reviews following incidents in school zones.

This is part of the "Vision Zero" strategy where the goal Is to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries.

In 2022, 19 pedestrians and bicyclists were killed and 541 people were seriously injured on County roads.

The County Council is inviting the public to a meeting at Newport Mill Middle School Monday beginning at 11 a.m. to address pedestrian safety issues.