Montgomery County police release body cam footage from deadly officer-involved shooting

Montgomery County police have released body-worn camera video from a deadly officer-involved shooting that was determined to be justified.

Montgomery County Police Officer Anand Badgujar fatally shot 41-year-old Robert White on June 11 in the parking lot of a Silver Spring townhouse community.

The Howard County State's Attorney's Office reviewed the evidence in the case and "concluded that Officer Badgujar's actions were justified under the circumstances."

According to police, Badgujar, who was in the area responding to an unrelated call, attempted to speak with White. However, the incident escalated and police said White assaulted the officer twice.

The body-worn camera video released on Wednesday was recorded from the cameras from Officer Badgujar and a backup police officer.

In the video from Badgujar's vantage point, you can hear him say over the radio while pursuing White, "He has his hands in his pockets, might be a suicide by cop type thing."

Officer Badgujar continues to follow White, who is seen in the video trying to gain access to a police cruiser while also yelling "Do it!" several times at the officer.

As Badgujar continues to follow White through the neighborhood, the officer tells White several times he doesn't want to shoot him and says over the radio that White keeps reaching into his pocket.

Eventually, Officer Badgujar's body camera video shows White charging at him, leading to the officer firing his gun multiple times at White.

Montgomery County police said they released the police body camera video because the criminal investigation had culminated. They did this as quickly as possible in an effort to demonstrate transparency to a community that had lingering questions about the officer-involved shooting.

"We want to remain as transparent as possible and try to answer some of the questions and concerns that community members have had," said Montgomery County Police Capt. Paul Starks. "We still have an ongoing internal investigation where the officer's action will be measured against our existing rules and policies."

During the investigation, White's family told police he had a history of mental health issues.