Montgomery County man facing up to 15 years in prison for bus-ride robbery

Prosecutors say karma could be the reason a Montgomery County man is now facing up to 15 years in prison for a bus-ride robbery.

A jury convicted Zachary Moko Tuesday, almost a year after Moko stole about $700 from a fellow Ride-On Bus passenger in Rockville, according to prosecutors. Security footage shows that Moko and the victim got into a struggle, and when Moko ran off the bus, he was hit by a car that was driving by.

Moko was able to get away for the moment, but prosecutors said police were able to catch him partially because he eventually showed up at the hospital with injuries that were consistent with being hit by a car.

VIDEO: Suspect allegedly robs bus passenger, gets struck by car while fleeing the scene

"This is a very important case for the public at large because anybody that uses buses, ride-on in particular, needs to know that they're safe on that bus," said State's Attorney's Office Spokesperson Ramon Korionoff.

Moko, who has a criminal record that includes robbery charges, is scheduled to be sentenced next month.