Mom who fought cancer while pregnant has leukemia again; needs bone marrow transplant

A Southern California mother who fought cancer while pregnant with twins has been diagnosed with leukemia yet again and needs another bone marrow transplant.

Susie Rabaca gave birth to twins, Ryan and Rainey in December, just weeks after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia.

She was matched with a bone marrow donor and underwent a transplant after the delivery.

Last Friday, the mother of five received the devastating news, that the cancer had returned.

Rabaca will again need a bone marrow transplant.

Finding a 100-percent match was extremely difficult the first time, because she is of mixed heritage (latina and caucasian.)

During her first battle, 85,000 people joined an organization that connects people who need marrow transplants, with donors.

If you would like to help patients like Susie, you can sign-up for the registry here.