Minnieland Academy promising changes following parents' outrage over employee's sexual abuse arrest

It is one of the largest day care chains in the D.C. region. Minnieland Academy is under fire after an assistant teacher was arrested for sexually abusing several children. Now, the company is trying to ease parents' concerns by promising changes. However, one Virginia mother said the damage has already been done.

Last week, Taylor Boykin, an assistant teacher at the Bristow location, was charged with four counts of aggravated sexual battery, four counts of object sexual penetration and four counts of indecent liberties by a custodian.

In a letter sent out Friday, Minnieland Academy apologized for the distress parents and children are going through and acknowledged their lack of answers to questions that were asked at a heated meeting between the owners and parents Wednesday night. It also said the parents' frustrations were "heard and felt." (App users: click here to read letter)

One parent told FOX 5 that one of those frustrations was learning that security cameras at its Bristow location are opearting, but only provide a live feed. Minnieland Academy said it will now be installing cameras that will record video.

The letter goes on to say counselors will be onsite next week to teach children about "good touch - bad touch." It also said counselors for teacher and parents have also been secured.

A slide in the playground area will be "reconfigured to be an open slide visible to all" while three-quarter bathroom doors will be installed to allow for more visibility.

They also hope to increase parent communication with a voluntary "parent advisory group."

A mother of two boys, who have since been pulled from Minnieland Academy, said her concerns around transparency have only grown deeper after Wednesday night's meeting. Parents learned the families of children who attended Minnieland Academy in the past were never informed of Boykin's arrest.

Another parent told FOX 5 that one of his two children was in Boykin's class and was interviewed by police. He and his family were out touring new day care facilities on Friday.

FOX 5 reached out to the owners of Minnieland Academy for comment on the changes they plan to implement along with the concerns parents are still expressing, but they have not yet responded as of Friday night.