Middleburg residents clean up after being hit hard by storms

The D.C. region was hit by severe storms on Thursday and the hardest hit area was in Middleburg in Loudoun County. There was a tornado warning issued in the area during the storm and it dropped hail the size of golf balls in the area.

A day later, residents are cleaning up after the storm left many vehicles with broken windows, shattered windshields along with numerous dents caused by the large hail. A tow truck driver in Middleburg told FOX 5 that they have about 300 to 400 cars waiting to be towed because of the damage.

Also in the storm aftermath were uprooted trees, fallen branches and other debris completely covering the roads and walkways.

Businesses and homes also encountered some sort of damage to siding, roofs and windows. One of the worst hit places was a historic home that is the second-oldest building in Middleburg. It is a pre-Civil War building that is now being used as a business. Unfortunately, there were items inside that were damaged as well as 15 original hand-blown glass windows.

"When I spoke with the insurance company this morning, the gentleman was very upset because he said although we can replace windows, we can't replace the hand-blown glass," said Pam Scott.

"It got pretty bad," said Middleburg resident Candace Holsinger. "They were the size of golf balls. Some were a little bit bigger. The wind was blowing pretty hard, so as far as being in your house, it seemed like someone was trying to rip the roof off. It was like everything was shaking. It got pretty rough, pretty violent."

The Middleburg Police Department said there were no serious injuries as a result of the storm. However, police said three of their vehicles are essentially totaled due to the storm damage.