Metro changes lost and found policy, says more items will be held for riders

Metro officials say fear not, what is lost may be found. WMATA is changing its lost and found policy so you may be able to get items left behind on trains, buses, at stations, and other Metro facilities back. 

Metro is expanding the list of items they will hold to return to customers. 

The new policy updates changes that were made due to pandemic-related budget cuts in 2021. Metro previously restricted lost and found storage to wallets and electronic items like phones, tablets, laptops and cameras. 

In addition to these items, Metro’s lost and found department will now keep lost keys, glasses, backpacks, headphones, luggage, and purses.

Things like perishables, clothing, umbrellas, and bikes will not be kept. Non-returnable items, as well as any other property that is unclaimed after 30-days is disposed of, donated to charity, destroyed or auctioned.

Metro says they will make every effort to contact the rider to notify them their property has been turned in.

You can report lost items online or by calling 202-962-1195. 

Lost belongings may be picked up in person at the office next to the New Carrollton Metro Station on the Orange Line or you can pay to have items mailed to you.