'Mean duck anyone': Virginia shelter posts hilarious duck adoption ad, waives fees and includes band-aids

Richmond Animal Care and Control Facebook post says 'mean duck' in need of a home. (Facebook: Richmond Animal Care and Contro)

This sassy little guy must be related to Daffy Duck.

On Friday, Jan. 24, Richmond Animal Care and Control posted a hilarious Facebook ad for a “mean duck” in need of a home ASAP!

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According to the post, the little “ankle bitter” is the perfect addition for anyone’s farm life and makes for the perfect pond guard. 

To expedite the process of helping the duck find a home, they have waived all adoption fees and as an added bonus have included a box of band-aids—just in case.

Social media got a kick out of the post with many saying the quirky duck is just misunderstood and is in need of cuddles. 

Another user commented that ducks or geese make good alarm systems and watch birds-- he might be on to something. 

Someone else wrote: "We used to have these in a lake close by my house and they would stand in the middle of the road and argue with cars!" 

Here's hoping the little mean one finds a home soon.