Mayor Muriel Bowser gives first State of the District speech

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has been in office nearly 100 days, and on Tuesday evening, she gave her first State of the District speech. The mayor talked about some of the successes and a few missteps of her young administration.

She began her speech by saying the District is strong and has one of the strongest economies in the nation.

But she pointed out there are still too many residents being left behind. That is why she plans to attract affordable housing and improve wages for the middle class.

Mayor Bowser made it clear from the beginning -- her administration is committed to a fresh start and even poked at the past.

"You have my commitment that my administration understands that integrity is paramount," she said.

Bowser touched on big issues that residents have demanded improvements. Emergency services is a big one.

"The safety and well-being of D.C. residents is my top priority and our Fire and Emergency Medical Service is at the top my list," said Bowser.

What about the future of the streetcars? Millions have been spent, yet riders still can't get on.

"I promise you that we will get the streetcar along H Street and Benning Road up and running," said the mayor. "Then we will extend the line to downtown Ward 7."

The mayor said we will see more of the police body cameras that have been tested for months.

"We will expand the use of body cameras to all MPD patrol officers in the next 18 months," she said.

In support of the LGBT community, Bowser has ordered a travel restriction to Indiana in response to the religious freedom legislation there.

She also called out a member of Congress for his interference with District laws.

"We also join hands with our congresswoman and our fighting on [Capitol] Hill to stand up to the bullies like Congressman Andy Harris of Maryland's 1st district who seeks to undermine the will of D.C. voters," Bowser said.

Mayor Bowser admitted the response to snow and trash removal this winter was not as good as it should be. She said that will be fixed.

Also, she will add $32 million to the budget for D.C. Public Schools and announced two new middle schools.

She also said she would shut down the DC General shelter, but that will mean opening up new shelters across the District.