Mayor Bowser backs Bloomberg in race for Democratic nomination

Hours after the Democratic Presidential hopefuls went after Michael Bloomberg during his first Presidential Primary Debate, D.C.'s mayor doubled down on her support for the candidate. 

Mayor Bowser has thrown her political weight behind Bloomberg’s presidential run — officially endorsing his campaign last month, and now she serves as a national co-chair of his campaign.

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Despite what many are calling a disastrous debate performance for Bloomberg, Bowser tells FOX 5's Shirin Rajaee, she continues to back him. 

Wednesday night was the first time we saw Bloomberg on this year's debate stage. One-by-one the Democratic candidates took turns ripping the former New York mayor's record, especially his support for the stop and frisk policy the NY Police Department carried out during his time as mayor well as allegations of sexist comments.  

"I think Mike spoke very directly to the mistakes he made as mayor, but also spoke to the vision he has for helping young men, especially those who suffered during that time... Mike has only been in the race for 10 weeks, is gaining a lot of traction with African American communities. One thing we know is that as a mayor, especially of the largest most complex cities in the country, gets it — that's why over 100 mayors have endorsed him. I think the American people are focused on beating Donald Trump and Mike Bloomberg is best positioned to do that," said Bowser.  

But a lot of folks are disappointed with the Mayors endorsement of Bloomberg 

One protester, Eli Nascimento, seen in a Washington Post video, tried to get Bowser's attention Wednesday at a community event.  

Nascimento tells FOX 5, he does not believe Bloomberg's change of heart on stop and frisk is sincere and says the only reason Bowser is supporting the candidate now is that Bloomberg has made financial contributions to D.C.
"She defended stop and frisk, which everyone knows was a racist policy. I know she said look past it, there are other things. But I don't believe Mike Bloomberg cares about black issues or anyone but himself, and it's not just about policing, he blamed the ending of redlining for the 2008 recession, not his friends on Wallstreet who it's been proven they did it," said Nascimento.

Bowser and Bloomberg have had a close working relationship for several years. She does feel he is the best candidate to be able to go up against President Trump and to unify the country. 

There are rumors about Bowser being a possible candidate for a running mate for Bloomberg. No word on if that could become a reality.