Maryland's pause on state's gas tax set to expire on Saturday

The pause on Maryland's state gas tax is set to expire on Saturday after Gov. Larry Hogan put it in place last month for 30 days.

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The bill suspended Maryland’s gas tax of 36 cents a gallon due to skyrocketing prices after the country cut off Russian oil imports.

This is possible because Maryland has a projected budget surplus of more than $7.5 billion. Maryland was the first state in the nation to offer some relief for drivers. 

It's been estimated this move will save Maryland drivers around $100 million.

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"The reality is that the 47 members of the state senate [and] 141 of the Maryland house of delegates are regular people. I went to the gas pump Saturday, and I spent 104 dollars at the gas pump," said Maryland State Senator Cory McCray.

Comptroller Peter Franchot has said he would like the pause to be extended to 90 days, but there has been no indication of whether that will happen.

"A 90-day state gas tax holiday would have provided more substantial savings to hardworking Marylanders trying to make ends meet with everyday costs rising due to inflation," said Comptroller Franchot, whose agency regulates motor fuel. "It’s great that we were the first state to enact a gas tax holiday, but it’s distressing that we’re also the first state to let it expire when we have such a huge surplus that could have easily absorbed a longer holiday."


Motorists are encouraged to fill up in advance of Saturday evening to avoid a rush on gas stations before the holiday ends.