Maryland tops list of richest states

Marylanders are in the money. According to an analysis by 24/7 Wall Street, Maryland has come in as the richest state in the U.S.

Maryland earned the top spot with the highest median household income in the nation, which is more than $73,000.

The state also has the second lowest poverty rate.

Virginia earned the eighth spot on the list.

The commonwealth also has a low poverty rate and a typical household in Virginia earns more than $64,000.

Maryland - #1 Wealthiest State
-Median household income: $73,971
-Population: 5,976,407 (19th highest)
-Unemployment rate: 5.8% (22nd lowest)
-Poverty rate: 10.1% (2nd lowest)

Mississippi - #50 Poorest State
-Median household income: $39,680
-Population: 2,994,079 (20th lowest)
-Unemployment rate: 7.8% (2nd highest)
-Poverty rate: 21.5% (the highest)