Maryland still waiting for mobile sports betting option

At Live! Casino Hotel Maryland, basketball fans are incredibly excited March Madness is finally here.

On day one of the 2022 Men's NCAA Tournament, Michelle Daniels told FOX 5: "This is beautiful, this is where I should be." 

However, bettor after bettor also said when they aren’t physically in the casino, something is missing in Maryland: the ability to place a wager on their phone.

"When Maryland does legalize the mobile betting, it’s gonna bring more revenue to the state and be more convenient for the gamblers," Reno Regg said.

"It’s gotta be here, it’s gotta be now, it’s gotta be before the next Super Bowl for sure," Charles Weinberg added.


Maryland Lottery & Gaming Director John Martin told us efforts to get mobile betting up and running are still underway. He hopes it’ll be ready for the 2022 NFL season.

When asked whether he believes Maryland is missing out on money because mobile betting isn’t yet an option, Martin said yes.

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"I mean you look to all the other bordering locations, and you look at new entities coming on in places like Louisiana in New York and you look at the numbers they’re posting, absolutely," he said.

For example, Maryland bettors wagered about $32.5 million in January. But over in Virginia – where you can bet on your phone – the January total was more than $485 million.

"We’re doing what we can within the guidelines of the legislation and working as diligently as we can," Martin said.

Meanwhile, back at Live!, officials said their most popular bet of March Madness thus far has been people picking the Duke Blue Devils to win it all.