Maryland No. 2, Virginia No. 11 in new list of happiest states in US

Maryland and Virginia residents should feel pretty good about where they live!

According to WalletHub, Maryland ranks second and Virginia ranks eleventh in their annual 'Happiest States in America' list.

The study looked at all 50 states across 30 key metrics - including depression rate, share of adults feeling productive, income growth and unemployment rate.

Maryland came in number two with an overall ranking of 62.60. The state scored fifth in ‘Emotional & Physical Well-Being,’ fourth in 'Community & Environment,' and near the middle of the group for 'Work Environment' rankings.

Virginia came in number 11 with a total score of 57.84. They scored ninth in 'Emotional & Physical Well-Being,' 27 in 'Community & Environment,' and 20 for 'Work Environment' rankings.

Hawaii topped the list. Minnesota, Utah and New Jersey rounded out the top five.

Coming in last out of all 50 states - West Virginia, with a total score of 33.83.

Washington, D.C. was not included in the study.

You can see the full list and read the study's methodology online.