Maryland mom says graduation ceremonies can still happen with social distancing

Graduation ceremonies are in limbo for seniors across the country and now some are questioning why as areas ease stay-at-home orders.

In fact, one mother wrote FOX 5 an email wanting to know why people can go to stores but a graduation ceremony, even a virtual one, is a no-go.

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Stephanie Wedding from Southern Maryland wrote FOX 5 saying this:

“Having a son that should be enjoying his last year of high school is heartbreaking. Myself and many parents are trying to get them through this saddened time. I try to explain to him that this will not define him, I keep a brave face as I try to stay positive for him and in all reality it breaks my heart."

Wedding wrote to us after her son Travis' school, Chopticon High School, in Clements, Maryland, first told seniors they would be able to come pick up caps and gowns for a planned drive-thru graduation ceremony but those plans were canceled.

Wedding went on to write, “I can sadly accept them having a virtual graduation, if this is the best we can do than so be it. What I cannot accept is I can go to Walmart, Lowe’s and the grocery store with countless amounts of people but my son is now told they cannot get their cap and gowns this week. Please explain to me how the seniors cannot be in a line in their car to pick up the last little hope of their senior year they have but I can go to a store with 100+ people.”

The Class of 2020 congratulatory yard signage may be the only memory some seniors have with no graduation ceremony or alternative set to take place.

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The Wedding family says alternate graduation ceremony ideas were all shot down by administrators, including a drive-in graduation and a virtual graduation.

Yet, like many, the Wedding family is confused seeing people inside packed stores and more and say graduation ceremonies should still take place with social distancing.

Similar frustrations are being echoed across the area from parents and students.

FOX 5 is awaiting a response from St Mary’s Public Schools about all this.

In Northern Virginia, graduation ceremonies will not take place as scheduled though there were some talks about having the ceremony at a later date.