Maryland mom says bus beating video hits close to home

FOX 5 showed you disturbing video of a 9-year-old girl named Saraia being assaulted on the school bus last Friday, even after saying she did not want to fight.

Now, the mother of another Highland Park Elementary School student says it happened to her daughter as well.

Michelle Montgomery watched our story Tuesday night. She says her daughter was beaten up three weeks ago on what she believes is the same school bus.

Montgomery says the driver did not report the incident. Like Saraia's mom, she had to report it to the school herself.

FOX 5 has confirmed that at least one student has been suspended for last Friday's fight.

But Montgomery says she got a call Wednesday saying that her daughter and other kids who were on the bus are also being suspended, even if they did not throw a punch.

The school system would not confirm any additional suspensions.