Maryland man dies after altercation with neighbor, family seeks answers

A Montgomery County man has passed away following a heated altercation with his neighbor nearly three weeks ago. 

Montgomery County police reported that 40-year-old Marvin Guevara died over the weekend at a nearby hospital.

Guevara's family is grappling with his sudden death, awaiting the results of an autopsy to understand what led to his tragic end.

"I really thought my dad was going to make it. He’s a really strong man. WAS a really strong man," said Marvin Guevara Jr., Guevara's son.

Guevara Sr. had been hospitalized for 17 days, fighting for his life after an argument turned physical with his next-door neighbor.

"My dad got hurt really bad," added Guevara Jr.

According to Guevara Jr., who rushed to their home on Bucklodge Road in Boyds upon learning of the incident, his father was dizzy and struggling after sustaining multiple punches to the head during the dispute.

Police indicated that the altercation escalated when a female neighbor confronted Guevara about his dogs, which had wandered into her backyard. 

The confrontation turned violent when the neighbor allegedly struck Guevara in the head.

Guevara's daughter-in-law, who witnessed the incident, described the neighbor as attacking him from behind, causing him to collapse. 

Video footage captured the tense aftermath, with voices heard urging Guevara to leave their property.

FOX 5 reached out to the neighbor for comment, who responded defensively, claiming Guevara had been trespassing.

Despite the family's grief, no arrests have been made yet. 

Police are awaiting the results of the autopsy from the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore to determine the official cause of Guevara's death.

"He was a wonderful person; always smiled. He was always there for others - always had a good heart," Guevara Jr. remembered his father.