Maryland Governor says state is launching ‘strike teams’ to support nursing homes

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan gave the state’s residents a look at how it’s preparing for the anticipated surge in coronavirus case Tuesday when he toured a field hospital in Baltimore.

As of Tuesday morning, Maryland's COVID-19 case total had mushroomed to 4,371 - and 103 deaths.

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The Governor also addressed other tools the state is deploying in its efforts to combat the COVID-19 – including sending what he described as “strike teams” from the National Guard, local and state health departments, and hospital systems.

These strike teams will be among the first of their kind in the nation, according to the Governor’s office.

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The so-called strike teams will be activated the request of localities, the Governor said.

There are currently 90 clusters of coronavirus cases in nursing homes across Maryland.

Last week, 10 nursing homes in Montgomery County alone reported cases in an update.

Nursing homes are of particular concern in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic because the rate of mortality among older people who become infected.

On Tuesday evening, Gov. Hogan joined FOX 5's Jim Lokay on FOX 5 News at 5pm to talk about the coronavirus response in the state. Watch below: