Maryland couple sees mysterious 'tree demon' face in tree trunk

Do you see what we see? A couple in Prince Frederick in Calvert County tells FOX 5 this is what was left behind after a tree fell in their yard during last week's snow storm -- and it's creeping them out.

The couple tells FOX 5 the storm knocked a branch off their tree, and tree trimmers came to cut the rest of the broken limb down. When they did, this is what was revealed in the tree trunk. The residents and neighbors insist the image was not created or altered.

To many, it looks like the image of a man's face with sunglasses, and a smirk on his face. Some have see a part in his hair, and a beard. Some have even said it looks like a demon -- and it's left lots of people who have seen it stunned (and some a little creeped out).

That includes the owners of the property. They call it a "tree demon," and say it's actually scaring them!

"It's scary," said one neighbor. "When I leave for work in the morning, it looks like the face is glowing."

This area is used to strange occurrences. About ten minutes from where the tree is, there is a bridge known to residents as "Crybaby Bridge." Some drivers have told FOX 5 during late at night, they hear the voice of a baby crying -- an infant who lost its life years ago.

Neighbors say they know the face is not as important as all the big issues in the world right now, but for them, this face is at least a break from it all.

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