Manatee spotted near Chesapeake Bay

WALDORF, Md. (AP) -- A manatee has been spotted near the Chesapeake Bay.

The sighting was announced by Baltimore's National Aquarium, which wrote on its website Wednesday that the mammal was seen in St. George Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River near Waldorf, Maryland on Tuesday night.

Aquarium officials say manatees typically travel up the East Coast from Florida during the warmer summer months.

The aquarium says the Chesapeake Bay is filled with sea grass, the animal's favorite food.

The World's Conservative Union's Red List of Threatened Species listed the manatee as vulnerable due to some human activity like powerboat collisions and residential and commercial work along waterways.

The National Aquarium suggests anyone who sees a manatee to give the animal their space and call the aquarium at 410-576-3880.

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