Man viciously beaten in Chicago by group yelling 'don't vote Trump'

FOX 32 NEWS - A white man was brutally attacked by a group of black teens who were shouting "don't vote Trump" in footage that has gone viral on social media.

A witness can be heard yelling "You voted Trump?" and "beat his a**."

Apparently, it all began with a fender bender accident between the white man and a African American woman. It then turned into a racially-tinged brawl, revealing again our nation's racial and political divide.

The viral cellphone video starts moments after a minor accident Wednesday between two cars at the intersection of Kedzie and Roosevelt on the West Side.

Jahliah Bluntson, 15, shot that video. She told FOX 32 the 49-year-old white man initially began fighting with the African American woman driving the car.

"When he hit her, she hit him back and the two boys that were with her in the car got out and started beating him," said Jahliah Bluntson.

She says that's when bystanders began making it political.

"The people behind me were saying he voted Trump. The one guy next to me said he voted Trump," Jahliah said.

FOX 32: Why were they saying that though?

"Just because of the energy that's in the air," said Jahliah's father, Jimmy.

Jimmy also witnessed the beating.

"It wasn't about Donald Trump, but it did get brought up because... This is in the air right now. Because of the election and the things going on. That's pretty much where it geared from," he said.

"I think that's deplorable," said Alderman Michael Scott Jr.

Alderman Scott Jr., in whose ward the beating took place, says he's troubled by what happened.

"It's a cornerstone of our democracy being able to peacefully transition power to the next individual and hopefully that's not what that's about. If it is it becomes more deplorable because that's not what this election is about," Scott Jr said.

The video also captures one of the teens stealing the man's car, driving away as the victim hangs on for dear life.

After posting the video on Facebook, Jimmy and Jahliah say they're getting hit with racial slurs and even death threats from trump supporters, which they say is ironic because they did it to show an injustice.

"I'm not the one that was in the video attacking this guy. I was actually the one that had helped him," Jahliah said.

"The comments I've been getting from last night to today, It's crazy man. It actually reveals how people feel period. It was bigger than this situation," Jimmy said.

Police are looking for the teens in the video and at this point treating the case as a carjacking. The victim told the Tribune that he did vote for Trump, but says there's no way the angry crowd could have known that because he didn't mention it and neither his car nor clothing had any trump signs.

Anyone with information is asked to call Area North detectives at (312) 744-8263.

WARNING: This video is graphic and contains explicit language. Watch at your own discretion.