Man trolls family, neighbors with Michael Myers costume in hilarious viral videos: ' He gets uncontrollable'

This Indiana man was born for Halloween and his wife just wants it to be November already.

Sabrina and Evan Zimmerman are like any normal couple, they enjoy spending quality time with each other and their three boys. But when October rolls around, things get a little strange.

You see, Evan is a huge fan of Halloween, he was practically made for it, so at the beginning of Spooktober he dusts off his Michael Myers costume and slashes right into the spirit.

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According to his wife, he gets uncontrollable because he’ll casually go on neighborhood walks, ride a bicycle with a skeleton baby in the back, and as if that’s not creepy enough, he likes to stand under speed lights—staring blankly into the abyss.

No one is safe from Evan’s antics, not even his own family.

In a recent viral Facebook video posted by Sabrina, she’s seen driving into her neighborhood and low behold Michael Myers is nonchalantly riding her bike with a baby skeleton cruising in the attachable child trailer.

She tells him to get home or “I'm going to have you committed.”

Whether Evan listened or not, who knows.

In another clip, just as their son was getting ready to get promoted to yellow belt in karate, Evan is seen creeping outside the studio—just staring inside.

But the trolling doesn’t end with the family, that’s just the beginning.

Like a good neighbor, Evan is there— to spread a little Halloween fear.

Because when his new neighbors are outside raking leaves, Evan likes to cease the opportunity to step out with his baby skeleton and push it on their kid’s swing set.

Now imagine coming home at night and you see a person dressed as Michael Myers in the distance. It can be a tad frightening—enough to call the cops.

In a recent radio interview with The Bear 98.9, Sabrina told the hosts the neighbors don’t complain about Evan but they will stop the car and just stare.

“He came home the other night, it was like 9:30 and woke me up from a sleep, sweating and like ‘I think I might get the cops called on me tonight.’’’ Sabrina said, ”A lady had pulled out her phone and sat there staring at him.”

Evan said he likes to prowl during the daytime because nobody is paying attention come nightfall, guess he got lucky that night!

And in case you're wondering "what's his @?" Michael Myers has a Facebook page with over 2,000 fans already. 

Check it out: