Man taken into police custody in Fairfax County dies after suffering medical emergency

A man who was taken into police custody for running into traffic on Thursday night in Fairfax County, died while being taken to a hospital, according to investigators.

Fairfax County Police say around 4:18 p.m., officers responded to several calls for a man acting disorderly and running into traffic in the 6500 block of Amherst Avenue in Springfield.

A responding officer found Temiki Murray, 44, of Lorton, blocking the southbound lanes of Amherst Avenue. 

As the officer attempted to guide him onto the sidewalk, Murray immediately ran back into traffic and then began running from the area.

Officers kept following Murray from a distance, and eventually made contact with again after he stopped running in a nearby parking lot.

Fairfax County Police say they explained to Murray that they were there to help him. The officer eventually placed Murray into handcuffs to prevent him from running back into traffic.

Police say no force was used while taking Murray into custody.

An ambulance then took Murray to a nearby hospital. Police say, while the ambulance was in en route, Murray suffered a medical emergency. They did not specify the nature of the emergency.

Murray was eventually pronounced dead at the hospital.

A medical examiner will perform an autopsy on Murray to determine the exact cause of his death.

Fairfax County Police say body camera footage and audio recordings of the incident will be released within 30 days or when it no longer jeopardizes the investigation.

The incident remains under investigation.