Man gets traffic signal fixed after filming himself waiting at red light for 20 minutes

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A local YouTube personality who typically focuses on getting laughs is now getting some results for drivers at a Virginia intersection.

Angelo Mike said he has encountered long waits stopped at a red traffic light at the intersection of N. George Mason Drive and Washington Boulevard in Arlington during the early morning hours. He comes through this area on his way to work for his night shift.

He eventually complained to Arlington County's Department of Environmental Services, which deals with transportation issues. But after about two months, the problem still wasn't fixed. He decided to make a video where he sat in his car for 20 minutes waiting for the light to turn green and posted it on his YouTube channel. (Warning: Video contains explicit language)

Angelo said his long wait took place on Sunday night. At times, he had to turn off his engine to keep the car from overheating. He narrates through the entire ordeal and uses some choice language in the video, which was aimed at local leaders.

He said the traffic light causes delays during the day as well and he brought up the fact that the intersection is three blocks away from Virginia Hospital Center.

About 19 minutes in, a police car pulls into the left lane next to Angelo. Ironically, the sensor in that lane was working, so after about a minute or so, the traffic light finally turned green.

Angelo's YouTube video has been making waves online and he found out Friday that the traffic signal has finally been fixed.

"I reached my pain threshold of going through a certain situation over and over repeatedly and then I just make a video about it and get really angry," he told FOX 5. "The Arlington DES actually fixed it. I drove through it last night and it worked. I can't believe it!

"So thank you to them, thank you to all the people who supported. I want to say to citizen journalists out there - stand up, don't take it. I got messages from people in different cities around the country saying this happens where they live. If this happens, get your phone out, get your camera out, get your dashcam, film it and shame those people. Thank you."