Man drives boat in pool to satisfy urge during coronavirus outbreak

With isolation and social distancing becoming our new norms, activities that we love are taking a back seat in a communal effort to help the greater good.

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But some are finding creative ways to pursue their more outdoor-oriented hobbies while at home.

Take, for example, this Western Australia boating enthusiast who went for a ride around his backyard’s swimming pool.

Filmmaker Dirk Nienaber recorded video of the man’s antics. Nienaber said he was “hoping to get a laugh” out of it.

“Can't go fishing or boating due to the Coronavirus? Problem solved,” Nienaber wrote in the video's description on YouTube.

Nienaber’s backyard boating stunt is just one of the latest examples of people finding new and creative ways to keep themselves entertained amid a global pandemic

The social drinking ritual of happy hour has gone virtual amid the outbreak.

And since birthday parties are often non-compliant with social distancing guidelines and larger stay at home orders, friends and families have started singing “Happy Birthday” to loved ones from a safe distance.

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Be it silly or considerate, many people have demonstrated a willingness to do their part in this outbreak. And while some people are doing humorous things, the situation remains serious.

According to Australia’s Department of Health, 2,423 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the country. As of March 25,  eight of them have died.

This story was reported from Atlanta.