Man claims video shows alleged police harassment in Southwest DC neighborhood

Video taken on November 15 shows what a D.C. resident is calling police harassment during a stop in his neighborhood in Southwest D.C.

The man who took the video and was the subject of the stop wants to remain anonymous, but he told FOX 5 the stop happened after 10 p.m. in his neighborhood near Atlantic Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.

The man described the stop in which a marked patrol car pulls up alongside him and an officer greets him then immediately asks him if he has any guns. The man says no and the officer demands to see the man's waistband, which he shows the officer, before the squad car pulls off.

The subject of the police stop told FOX 5 these kind of stops happen frequently in his neighborhood, and in many instances do not lead to an arrest or recovery of an illegal gun.

"I really feel offended because what makes you think that I have a gun on me other than me walking and being black," said the man stopped by police.

FOX 5 asked D.C. police if the stop recorded on video was consistent with policy, why it was initiated or if a report was written on the stop. The department refused to answer those questions.

They did send FOX 5 a statement which reads, "MPD is committed to removing illegal firearms from our community. If anyone believes that they were treated inappropriately by an MPD Officer, we urge them to file a complaint with MPD or the Office of Police Complaints so the matter can be fully investigated."

It is important to note that documents concerning D.C. police internal investigations or complaints made with the Office of Police Complaints are not revealed to the public.

Councilmember Trayon White told FOX 5 he has seen the video of the stop and has spoken to D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham about his concerns relating to the video. D.C. police have not released the chief's e-mailed response to White's concerns.

(Video courtesy: Soupvisions)