Man charged with leaving intoxicated friend's body outside Spotsylvania County home after car crash

A Virginia man was arrested after being accused of crashing his car and then hiding the body of his unconscious passenger.

The victim was found dead several days later after a Spotsylvania County family returned from vacation on Sunday and discovered his body in the bushes of their yard.

Investigators said 23-year-old Jarred Smith was driving in Fredericksburg last Thursday, lost control of his car and went into a ditch.

The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office said the passenger in Smith's car was 23-year-old Deandre Miller-Caldwell, who had been using heroin and was unconscious at the time of the crash.

Before sheriff's deputies responded to the scene, officials said Smith dragged Miller-Caldwell's body into the bushes in the 11300 block of Enchanted Woods Way and left him there.

"Down on the ground, I found a smartwatch and started playing with that and then picked up this really strong odor," said the homeowner. "I looked up with my head and veered to the right a little bit. I saw the victim's legs extending outside from my bush area."

The victim's father contacted the homeowner on Monday.

"That made it all so surreal," the homeowner told FOX 5. "He showed up this evening, introduced himself. I showed him the scene so he can get some closure, and then opened up, said anything you need, if you guys want to do any type of ceremony at the house or whatever you want, just give me a call and you're allowed to come out."

Smith has been charged with concealing a dead body and is being held without bond.

Investigators said there could be more charges if it is determined that the victim was still alive when he was left in the bushes and could have been potentially saved if Smith had gotten help.