Man charged in murder of neighbors in Rockville waives extradition, held without bond

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The man accused of killing a Rockville couple is being held without bond in Alaska and has waived his extradition at a hearing on Tuesday. He is expected to return to Montgomery County in Maryland next week.

Police say Scott Tomaszewski stabbed Richard and Julianne Vilardo to death in their home in their home on Mother's Day.

He has been charged two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of armed robbery and one count of first-degree burglary.

Tomaszewski was arrested last Saturday on a cruise in Alaska.

Court documents filed in Alaska show authorities are not only charging him with the Vilardos' murder, but also with an earlier break-in that happened at another neighbor's home back in April.

Police say Tomaszewski went to a local pawn shop to sell some of the stolen items and they claim they have him on camera at that pawn shop.

Meanwhile, we talked to a former detective who investigated a break-in at the Vilardos home in 1998. His information helped crack this murder case open.

Former Montgomery County Detective Bill Preis, who is now retired, responded to that burglary 17 years ago. He told us it was not a typical burglary and different from most because a fire was set to destroy the home.

"Because unlike so many other burglaries, this was not solely a profit-motivated crime," said Preis. "This was an emotional crime. Something that clearly seemed to be done with motive that just didn't involve financial gain."

On Sunday, Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger publicly said the tip helped crack the case.

"That 17-year-old connection ultimately led us to Scott Tomaszewski," said Manger.

Preis said he can't remember if Tomaszewski was part of his investigation back in the 1998 case. There are details he can't reveal about his case because he thinks it could compromise the current murder investigation.

But one thing he does remember is the Vilardos were shaken up.

"Just like many other burglary victims, they not only had that to contend with, but they also had to deal with the fact that their home had been set on fire, that several other acts to damage their property had been done, and I think these things probably invoked a great amount of fear for them back then," Preis said.

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