Man arrested for stealing puppy from DC resident's yard

A southwest D.C. man has been charged after stealing a golden retriever from his owner's yard last month, according to court documents.

The suspect, Louis Vondell has been arrested and charged with Theft two.

Last Thursday DC police released surveillance video of two people stealing a golden retriever from his owner's yard.

Officials were asking for the public's help in tracking down the dog and the suspects. Detectives came out to the neighborhood of which they believed the suspects lived and hours later the 4-month-old puppy 'Cruze' was returned to his rightful owners.

Police say the dog was stolen from a home in the 100 block of Elmira Street SW on Saturday, October 15 just after 10 pm. Video of the incident was captured on a nearby surveillance camera. In the video, one of the suspects is seen walking another dog outside the resident's fence, while a second suspect follows. The suspects' dog gets excited, sniffing the golden retriever through the fence.

The second suspect is seen reaching over the fence to pet the golden retriever as the other suspect and their dog walk out of view of the surveillance camera. The second suspect then reaches over the fence, grabs the golden retriever by the collar, and lifts it up and over the fence.