Man accused of kicking in doors at FOX 5 held without bond

The man accused of kicking in the glass doors to FOX 5 WTTG's building and forcing his way inside before being shot by an armed guard in the television station's lobby was ordered to remain jailed without bond until trial on Thursday.

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FOX 5's Bob Barnard reports that 38-year-old George Odemns is likely to be indicted in early January. He faces a felony second degree burglary charge connected to the October 22 incident. His entry into the building was captured on surveillance video from inside and outside of the entrance to the lobby area.

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Odemns was hospitalized after being shot by the security guard. He sued the station in 2014 for $100 billion, saying they had installed a nanochip inside him. He had also written a number of emails and social media posts to personnel at the station and was known to executives and personnel at the station, as well as to police.