Loudoun County teachers suing over transgender policy

The battle over a new school policy regarding transgender students continues in Loudoun County where teachers are suing the school district claiming new rules violate their religious beliefs.

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FOX 5's Bob Barnard says Tanner Cross and two other teachers filed the lawsuit. The hearing - which began on Monday - is considering stopping the enforcement of the new policy before the trial is held.

Cross had been suspended from his job and put on paid leave after criticizing a then-proposed transgender policy in May.


Cross sued to get his job back. When a lower court agreed that his rights were violated and that the school district's actions were likely unconstitutional, the Loudoun County School Board appealed that decision to the Virginia Supreme Court.

In August, the high court agreed with the lower court's decision to temporarily reinstate Cross.

The school board eventually passed a version of the proposed policy which says all of the school district's students and staff must refer to "gender-expansive or transgender" students using whatever gender pronoun is chosen by the student, regardless of whether the pronoun is consistent with the student's biological sex.