Loudoun County students walk out, parents protest against sexual assault

Dozens of Loudoun County students participated in a walkout this morning in protest of the recent sexual assault cases making national headlines.

Around 10:45 this morning some Loudoun County Public School students walked out of their classrooms for about 10 minutes to take a stand against sexual assault. This comes after the two most recent incidents at Stone Bridge High School and Broad Run High School where the same 15-year-old boy is accused of sexually abusing two different female students.

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It is important to note this was not student-lead. Elicia Brand, co-founder of Army of Parents, said it was inspired by parents. In fact, she sent fliers to different Loudoun County schools encouraging the walkouts. She adds this is not political, this is about making sure children are safe.

Brand is also representing the Smith family whose daughter alleges she was sexually abused in May at stone bridge high school.


"I have been contacted since the smith case by dozens of parents who had their kids sexually assaulted, sexually battered in the school system and the school never did anything about it," said Brand.

The walkout gained enough steam on social media that last night, high school principals sent out messages to their school communities warning a demonstration could take place. They also mentioned they support students who want to peacefully and respectfully protest and none of them will be penalized for doing so.


One father heard about what was going on and walked over to the school to check it out: "I do have a daughter who attends this high school and quite frankly, I wish it was longer than 10 minutes. I don’t think it’s enough of a position or stance 10 minutes, but I applaud the kids for doing what they’re doing… standing against rape or sexual assault." He added, "Parents can encourage it, but ultimately it’s the kids if they want to decide to walk out, they can."

On Monday, there was a court hearing where a judge found the boy guilty of sexual abuse for the first incident and he has another court date in November for the second case.