Loudoun County hopes to cut down commutes with new 'intelligent transportation system'

A new "intelligent transportation system" could cut down on some Loudoun County commutes. At least, that’s the hope.

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"People talk about it all the time, it’s just bumper to bumper," Melissa Doone said of traffic along Route 50.

"It’s horrible," Charles Boyd laughed, before adding, "I was gonna say something a little more colorful."

State and county officials hope the new system may be able to help.

It went live Monday morning and consists of closed-circuit television cameras as well as dynamic message signs at five locations: Route 50 east of Tall Cedar Parkway, Route 50 east of Loudoun County Parkway, Route 50 east of Stone Spring Boulevard, Loudoun County Parkway north of Route 50 and Route 7 Bypass west of Route 15.

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The cameras will help transportation officials and first responders know exactly what’s going on, and the signs help get information to drivers.

"What that helps us do is keep everybody from using the same route and creating all kinds of congestion when if they only knew of this secondary route to alleviate some of it, everything can then flow a lot better," explained VDOT Spokesperson Ellen Kamilakis.


The system is already in place in other parts of Virginia, but it’s new to Loudoun County. Drivers like Boyd said if it helps alleviate congestion, the new system sounds great to him.

"I’m on the road constantly," Boyd told Fox 5. "Anything, I’m ready."