Loudoun Co. School Board votes on sexually explicit materials policy

The Loudoun County School Board voted 7 - 2 Tuesday to keep parents in the loop about sexually explicit materials in the classroom.

The policy requires parents to be told 30 days before materials featuring sexually explicit content are used.

It also allows parents to review materials and request alternative options if they believe the material isn't appropriate for their student. The school district must provide other options. 

On Tuesday night, parents and teachers gathered inside the Loudoun County School Board meeting to once again express to the board how they feel about the policy.

"Are you going to slap a warning label on the Bible? If you adopt Policy 5055, you're going to have to do so," one attendee told the board. 

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A number of parents at the meeting didn't want the school board to pass Policy 5055. Andrea Weiskopf, a Loudoun County middle school English teacher, said she also doesn't approve. 

"It is just one more step by Governor Younkin and his clan of politicians to attack public schools," Weiskopf told FOX 5. 

Back in April, Governor Glenn Youngkin signed the bill into law, along with others, stating it would enhance education. 

As a teacher, Weiskopf said she has her reservations. 

"We want families to be involved but this is allowing individual parents to individualize a curriculum for their own worldview," she explained. 

According to Weiskopf the policy would also put a restriction on schools. 

"Will other teachers and librarians be afraid to recommend books that our children are ready for?" she questioned. 

Some parents believe the guidelines censors the curriculum. 

"Sex," one parent said. "It's one of the cornerstones of Western literature and as such deserves a place in our schools."

Loudoun County Public Schools said they will continue to provide a list of sexually explicit content that will be used in the classroom on the LCPS website