Loudoun Co. Public Schools parents unhappy about not being informed about incidents in timely manner

Loudoun County Public Schools is in damage control mode after reportedly failing to notify parents in a timely manner about several incidents occurring on school campuses.

Over the past month, a middle school dean was arrested after he was accused of assaulting a student, an elementary school employee was allegedly threatened by her ex-boyfriend and police are investigating an alleged incident involving members of a high school football team.

Leesburg police say they were made aware last Friday about an alleged incident at Tuscarora High School. According to reports, a football player was reportedly sexually assaulted inside a locker room after practice on Oct. 1. Parents were notified eight days later.

"Parents definitely need to be notified about what's really going on," said John Brooms, a Tuscarora alumnus.

A Lucketts Elementary School employee reported that her ex-boyfriend called the school and threatened to come to campus and harm her. This incident was reported to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office on Aug. 20.

The school district requested for a deputy to guard the campus the following day and reportedly told parents it was part of a new security protocol.

"I think they should have just notified ahead of time - like, 'Hey, be aware. There is going to be a police presence,'" said Miguel Cruz, a parent of a Lucketts student.

After 35 days of police manning the campus at Lucketts Elementary School along with growing curiosity among parents, Loudoun County Public Schools finally told parents about the threat.

"We were told repeatedly by anyone at LCPS that was contacted - through admin, anywhere - that there was no threat, this was a new protocol for all elementary schools in Loudoun County," said Lucketts Elementary School PTA President Amy Tribie. "We should be grateful and feel safe for the officers, but we have nothing to fear, the school is safe and we absolutely had no threat."

On Oct. 2, a middle school dean at the Douglass School was arrested after he was accused of restraining and assaulting a student who was vaping inside a bathroom. The incident happened on Sept. 5. The school district said parents were not notified.

A school board meeting was scheduled to be held Thursday at the Loudoun County Public Schools Administration Building to discuss policy.