Longtime US Senate employee dies days after fight outside popular bar in DC

A longtime US Senate employee has died after an altercation outside a popular restaurant and bar near Nationals Park.

Berner Richard Johnson -- who went by Bud -- lived in a high-rise building right across the street from Scarlett Oak where the alleged altercation began. Apparently, it was his favorite spot. It happened all within sight of Capitol Hill, where Johnson worked in the Senate Records Office for 30 years.

Senator Chuck Schumer mentioned him during a prayer on the Senate floor. Schumer called Johnson the victim of a violent crime.

Police say on last Wednesday night at around 11:30, Johnson was struck in the head during a physical altercation outside of Scarlett Oak.

According to heartbreaking messages posted by loved ones online, the 48-year-old was involved in some sort of argument with people inside the establishment prior to that.

It apparently took paramedics 19 minutes to revive Johnson before he got to the hospital. He was on life support but passed away on Sunday.

People who live in the area -- the heart of the up-and-coming Capitol Riverfront neighborhood -- are stunned and eager to hear exactly what happened.

The manager at Scarlett Oak says nothing violent happened inside the bar, but rather across the street.

Police are reviewing security camera footage and waiting on an exact cause of death. So far no arrests have been made.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Johnson's family.