Local man falls short in attempt to break Guinness record for most push ups in an hour

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NASA contractor and personal trainer Adrian Williams set out Monday morning to try and set a new Guinness Book of World Records mark for the most push ups performed in one hour. Williams, 49, was raising money for cancer research while challenging himself to set the new record at the Gold's Gym in Upper Marlboro. He came up short - knocking out 1189 push ups at the end of the 60 minute period.

He told FOX 5's Caitlyn Roth that he experienced some shoulder and arms issues but didn't let that stop him from making it through the entire hour. Williams says he is asking for donations for each push up completed. All proceeds from the challenge will go to the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation.

The record of 2,682 push ups was achieved back in May 2017 by Carlton Williams at a fitness center in Australia.

To make a donation, contact Adrian at: AMW2200@GMAIL.COM