'Good Samaritan' stops attempted kidnapping in Rockville

A local IT specialist became an unexpected hero when he stopped an attempted kidnapping in Rockville, Md.

"It was a crazy situation, but I’m glad I was there," said Baez.

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According to Montgomery County Police, an 18-year-old woman and her friend shopping at the Target on Bou Avenue in Rockville, Maryland. They were walking to the car to unload their bags when all of a sudden, a man approached one of them from behind and grabbed her wrist.

"It was a very strange experience to see somebody try to take a girl in a very busy parking lot. It was a child-like gimme that kind of thing," said Baez.

The suspect has been identified as 26-year-old Daniel Belcik. He is charged with kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, second-degree assault, and resisting arrest.

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The frightening situation happened Monday, June 7th at 9:12 pm inside the Target parking garage.

Investigators said the attacker pulled the victim away from her car as she was screaming – "let go!"

That is when 31-year-old, Alex Baez, who had just finished shopping, heard the cry for help. He stepped in to save the young ladies and deescalate the situation.

"I was scared at first because you never know if they have any weapon or anything," said Baez. "It was a very strange experience to see someone try to take a girl in a very busy parking lot. It was a child-like gimme type of thing."

Baez said the suspect started kicking him and soon after – ran away. He followed him about 10 minutes away from the Target to give police a heads up on where he was going.

Baez had seen Belcik "creeping" in the parking lot.

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"I realized it was a weirdo," said Baez. "(He) had just a blank, expressionless stare. It was very jarring to see somebody doing a crime like that, but completely emotionless. It was very strange."

Once officers arrived on scene, Baez said the 18-year-old was still shaken up and her mother was appreciative of his brave actions.

"They were crying. Very thankful," said Baez.

Although, he humble and believes anyone would have done what he did. He is just glad no one was seriously hurt in this situation.

"If it was a little more violent of a situation – I feel like maybe I would feel more heroic, said Baez.

According to court documents, the attacker led police on foot chase a half a mile from the store and when they caught him – they found a knife in his backpack.

Belcik is now being held without bond. He underwent a mental evaluation per the judge’s order and is expected to appear in court again on Wednesday, June 16th.